Save Hurlstone's Educational Agricultural Property


Save Hurlstone's Educational Agricultural Property


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SHEAP has now been officially incorporated.

You can become a member of SHEAP by downloading the membership form and submitting it to the secretary.  Membership is $10 per annum.

Thanks for you help Colin

What's a SHEAP?
That's a great question. Luckily, there are tens of thousands of people who can give you a precise answer, thanks to a peerless practical education at Hurlstone Agricultural High School.

The task ahead of SHEAP is to Save Hurlstone's Educational Agricultural Property. It is a herd of people keen to make sure Australia's Agricultural education doesn't suffer at the hands of short-term political expediency. It aims to prevent an announced selloff of valuable educational farmland for housing and expose the flawed, ill-informed 'consultative' processes of the NSW Government, whose plans will ring-bark practical agricultural education in this state.

In a world seeking better and more sustainable solutions for primary and environmental industry, a new NSW Government should not be stripping back the work of forward-thinking governments of the past. Hurlstone has proven it's worth over more than 100 years as fertile soil for the growth of great farmers, agricultural administrators and policymakers.

We're SHEAP, And We're Proud. Join us, or learn more at
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